Hartt Gold, Soul Silver
Often Times I Wonder Write from Wrong
Cash/ Jess, 22, Fem4Fem, St Louis, Visual artist, aspiring lyricist.
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I believe cuddling should be an American pass-time. I'm obsessed with Marina & the Diamonds, lions, Eyvind Earle, tropical, Lana del Rey, quotes, I dream of Jeannie, Pokemon, Disney, Skins, Orphan Black, Lost Girl, OITNB, Adventure Time, sex, RE4, cuties & inspiring shit. Girls for Girls <3
I am the ever optimistic, all-inspiring lesbian. I have this condition where I smile often & awkwardly. Activities include singing, writing, laughing, drawing, inspiring, dancing horribly & talking to strangers. I fall in love with girls & poetry. I want to be the unexpected smile of your day. I believe it is time I let you into my head, or rather, my Hartt. "If nothing else I simply want to see it all, from every possible angle: to be enveloped in awe, so much so that I may go blind from its sheer beauty and feel in my heart that I have found peace, if only for a moment."

I’m all smiles, here’s to more memories.

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